Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the many complementary or alternative therapies that has found a way into mainstream treatment plans because of its various benefits. Massage feels great, but its benefits go beyond those feel-good moments. Each massage therapy session is a building block that teaches your muscles to remain loose and trains your body to maintain its relaxed state even during high-stress situations.

Reduces Anxiety
Anxiety relief is one the first benefits that come to mind when thinking of massage therapy. It is also a key component for anyone who wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle. According to clinical studies, even a single massage therapy session can drastically lower your insulin levels, cortisol levels, and heart rate – all of which contribute to anxiety relief.

Reduces Muscle Tension
Reducing muscle tension is one of the best-known benefits of massage therapy. It is particularly more important if you engage in physical activities on regular basis. Muscle tightness, soreness, pain, and tension are all things that you can expect – but the good news is that you can significantly decrease these problems with regular massage therapy.

Enhances Exercise Performance
When combined with other types of physical therapy, massage therapy can do wonders for your posture. It helps bring your body into optimal alignment, hence naturally improving your posture. Better posture has a number of key benefits, especially for individuals that work out. An improved poster means your body can move at its peak at all times. This means your exercise performance will be enhanced as you will be working out with a bit of a natural advantage.

Eases Symptoms of Depression
Depression is one the most common mental health issues that affects adults around the world. Depression can have a huge negative impact on people’s lives. Researchers in Taiwan performed a scientific study that involved about 800 people. They concluded that massage for people experiencing depression reduces the relevant symptoms. A similar study in Japan concluded that facial massage has the beneficial effect of reducing physiological distress of participants. So, the benefits of massage therapy for easing the symptoms of depression are evident.

Improves Cardiovascular Health
The benefits of massage therapy aren’t just limited to the muscular system. Studies suggest that it can also improve cardiovascular health by improving blood flow and decreasing heart rate. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart problems. Massage therapy aids in lowering blood pressure via relaxing bodywork techniques and improves cardiovascular health.

Promotes Relaxation
Regular massage therapy regulates hormones and relaxes the central nervous system. It decreases stress hormone called cortisol, and it increases both dopamine and serotonin. Together, these hormone shifts provide an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing. And considering the degree of overall relaxation promoted by massage therapy, it’s not surprising that it also improves your sleep.
Now that you know about the various health benefits of massage therapy, it is important to make time for this highly beneficial practice in your busy lifestyle.

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