Rugs, Turn a House into a Home

Rugs, Turn a House into a Home

The right home décor not only makes your house attractive and stylish but also warm and comfortable. Rugs are crucial in turning your house into a home, filled with peace and love. The right rug can complete the look of any space. Adding warmth underfoot with rugs is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel comfortable and cozy. Read on to learn how important they really are for any place.

Visual Pathways
Hallways can have the tendency to be unwelcoming, dead spaces. Fortunately, you can liven them up with a rug. Using a rug can create a visual pathway that draws the eye to any connected rooms. This means you can introduce color and pattern with your selected rug and have fun.

Connect Spaces
You can create a visual connection between your rooms by placing similar colored/style rugs in them. This will also allow you to make your one room flow to the other as your eye is drawn from it to the next one. This works particularly well in minimal and/or neutral spaces.

Works of Art
Rugs are also works of art and if you have one that does not seem to be too good to step on, you can always hang it on your wall. Rugs work great as wall art as they provide a decorative element. They are also ideal for walls where you wish to absorb sound from adjoining rooms.

Reinforce Your Design Scheme
When selecting rugs for your homes, it is highly recommended that you look towards other elements of your design scheme, e.g. colors. Rugs matching an element of your design scheme will help create a more cohesive look and feel to your home. They are very crucial to creating a well-decorated room.

Lift Dark Spaces
Dark themed spaces require more texture because there is generally a lack of shadows in them. Installing a rug in such spaces is a great way to create the texture required to prevent them from looking boring and flat. Hence, you can use them to visually lift the dark design scheme of your room.

Add Personality and Character with Pattern
If you wish to use pattern to add personality and character to your home, then there is no better way than introducing it via a rug. You can make your room appear less intrusive by using a rug with the right pattern. Rugs can provide your room with a sense of personality and character and they are also an excellent way to add pattern to neutral spaces.

Add a New Dimension with Texture
When it comes to texture, rugs offer a lot of variety nowadays. These days, they are being designed more and more with 3D quality to them. These specific types of rugs offer a visual depth to your floors and provide them with textural contrast and interest.

Rugs are grand and royal and have the potential to elevate the style quotient of your house. When it comes to choosing rugs for your home, there are wide variety of options available. You can choose from modern rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and more according to your preferences.

Photos by: Aryn Elliott, Orlova Maria, Selenic Moon, Patrick Perkins, Spencer Selover, Ksenia Chernaya, 

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