Spring Refresh and Healing

Spring Refresh and Healing

When the spring season arrives, you want to reset your body and life. Starting a new healthier lifestyle begins with a fresh and healing morning routine. After all, the way your morning goes can make all the difference in your mindset, focus, and energy throughout the rest of the day. The following are some ways you can spring-refresh your morning routine.

Wake Up Gently
Our bodies want to wake up naturally and gently. You can learn to facilitate this by maintaining a sleep schedule that lets you have 7-8 hours of adequate daily sleep throughout the week. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time daily can also help. If it’s difficult to get up earlier through spring, take advantage of music. Studies suggest that music stimulates the brain to wake up and keeps tiredness and lethargy at bay. Not only does listening to music will help you beat grogginess, but it also improves your mood.

Hydrate and Cleanse the Breathing Apparatus
When you wake up, drink a glass of water to make up for not hydrating during the night. It helps to flush out toxins from the body and prevents laziness. It is also recommended that you add a saltwater rinse to your everyday tooth maintenance routine so you can reduce bacteria in your mouth and fight bad breath. A saline wash of the nasal passages should also be a part of your spring morning ritual. It flushes out plant pollens, microorganisms, and allergens and promotes optimal breathing.

Breathing Practices
It is very beneficial to start your day with a breathing practice. Breathing practices are a great way to embrace positivity, motivation, and joy, helping you to let go of troubles that weigh you down. Your breathing practices and meditation don’t need to be intimidating or complex. Keep it peaceful and simple. Try lighting a few candles and focus on breathing in and out gently, slowly, and deeply.

Dry Brushing and Self-Massage
Dry brushing has many benefits. This morning ritual of stimulating the skin has been used in many cultures around the world. It is recommended because of its ability to help detoxify the lymphatic system, increase circulation, and get rid of flaky skin. Either before or after the morning shower, you should also give yourself a full body oil massage to calm your nervous system.

Create Your Morning Yoga Practice
Another great practice for your spring morning routine is to do yoga. Physical activity in the morning has many benefits. It helps release mood-boosting endorphins and increases your energy naturally. Performing stretching yoga poses in the morning also helps avoid tiredness. Just twenty minutes of yoga practice can elevate your energy levels and improve your brain function.

Now that the mornings are a little bit brighter and the weather is a little warmer, it is time to refresh your morning routine to begin each day in the best possible way. Putting a focus on your self-care, mental health, and productivity are keys to success this season.

Photos by: Andriyko Podilnyk, Bruce Mars, Mikhail Nilov, Valeria Ushakova, Tima Miroshnichenko, Sonnie Hiles

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